Sunday, January 31, 2010

My (better late than never) Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa,

I know you’re probably having a vacay right now, which is very much deserved, considering you just went through your busiest season. I totally understand how exhausted you must be, since I am going through my own version of busiest season for this year. Although, unlike yours which is full of wonderful things, glittering smiles and a bunch of helpful elves, mine is about slamming work hours, excel worksheets and impossible deadlines.

I am writing to you (even though it’s past Christmas and I’m way past the age bracket) because there is something I sincerely want and because I’ve been really, really good this year. It’s kind of new and hip and not yet that accessible, so rather than making a desperate attempt to describe it, I just sent you a picture.

See how wonderful this little thing call Kindle is? And it’s white! I love white. And I love that it is handy and pocket-sized and plain convenient. I would love to have it as my new bestfriend (in addition to all my great friends).

However, if, in an unfortunate kind of way, it seems too much to ask for, I won’t act like a stubborn brat and insist on what I want. So for your own picking, I sent you a picture of the next best thing (things, whatever) I like.

Make me feel like it’s another Christmas morning, ok?

Wishing and waiting,


Sunday, January 24, 2010

BLUE is my new RED

Truth be told, I've been really, really overworked since the start of the year. Barely a month passed but it honestly felt like a quarter already. So, like any girl, I went out of my busy schedule to hunt some tried and tested pick-uppers to uplift my exhausted spirit.

Normally, I would have gone to Powerbooks or Fullybooked to buy a heart-warming book. I love the smell of freshly scanned pages and the feel of unscratched book spines. But since I have three piles of unread books at home, I opted to get the second best cure.

Charles and Keith is my current addiction when it comes to shoes. I've purchased, umm, let's just say, 5 paper bags are still lurking somewhere near my shoe rack. I need to find extra space for my pairs. It is either that or I must stop buying. Any girl knows which to pick.

Going back, I am a big fan of Charles and Keith. Their regal look fits my taste. I love that they have 5-inch heeled stilettos that don't look like stripper shoes. Their style is sophisticated yet edgy, fun without being loud and girly but not trying too hard. Again, fits my taste to a T.

In my latest trip to that heaven (for the much needed retail therapy), a pair of red shoes caught my eyes. They were not the usual kind I would go for because of the almost -not- there heels and oversized bow. But despite those details, I felt like trying them on.

My intial reaction was it's too attention-getting and the shade of red wasn't really complementing my color. But the style. It was too regal, too sophisticated, too Imelda Marcos just to give up on. So I tried them in another hue. It was the Ateneo shade of Blue. I was hesitant, but ended up convincing myself to try so as to avoid having regrets later.

I slipped a foot in. Ooohh! It's love at second sight.

The picture doesn't give justice to the pair. You have to actually see it, feel its velvet touch and for sure, you'll give out that deep sigh of contentment and breathe a new level of enthusiasm for life. haha!

I know, I know, the joy these things give is short-lived. But life is often rude and there are days when you definitely need something to save you. I do not live for shoes and other material things, but they sure help me in getting over a really, really bad day and eventually, bring me closer to the real, better and bigger things I truly run after.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Daddy's Girl

It’s exactly 1: 15 on my watch. Oh, I forgot to attach the operative letters.

It’s exactly 1:15 AM on my watch. There you go. And I’m still in the office, waiting for my ride home. I am on the verge of ranting on how much I hate staying this late for work, how much I want to quit at this point, how much I feel sorry for missing out on a lot of social events in my calendar, but I’ll save them all for later. Right now, I just want to tell my dad, “I love you, too”.

But since I would have to wait until he gets here, let me divert all the gratitude towards this entry.

Ever since God knows when, I’ve been really, really dependent on my dad. And although I tell people how hard it is for him to let me go, I think it is as hard for me to let him go, too. He’s been my number one protector, my driver-slash-shopping buddy-slash-yaya-slash-nurse-slash-everything that you can associate with a person who takes care of you. There was never a point I felt alone and helpless because I know he’s just a phone call away. Seriously, you can drop me anywhere in this planet and, for sure, my dad would come to my rescue. Well, that may be too vague for an illustration so I’ll just say he is on call anytime, 24/7, ready to pick me up from work without any complaints, just because.

Just because he doesn’t want his baby girl going home alone late at night or too early in the morning.

Just because the entire time I wasn’t home, he was awake waiting for me so why not drive to wherever I am and pick me up.

Just because he would rather stay up late and drive for an hour than to let the boyfriend do that for me. *wink*

Just because.. just because he’s my dad.

I may have found true love really early, but I didn’t let that be an invisible wall between me and my dad. He was still the one who drove me to prom, the one I watched Princess Diaries with, the one I would fall in line for hours just to get UAAP tickets for, and a lot more.

I may have grown-up already, graduated then worked and all, but still, I let him be a father to me because I know that it’s his favorite job in the world.

And there's no way I would take that away from him. Not soon, not ever.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The day GMA decided to run for Congress was the day my writer’s block got demolished

It is beyond shameless.

I don’t know what else to call it, but it’s definitely beyond shameless. This is one rare circumstance my vocabulary fails me. I’m usually a shotgun, firing out words I am almost not aware I knew all along, especially whenever I’m so fired up. And I am right now. Weirdly, there is no word to substantiate the disgust settling in my taste buds.

It requires nothing but simple logic. Even grade-schoolers can follow the line of thought: if you’ve been RED 1, there’s no way you would want to be Green 3. What you allow to happen is let time pass, grow up a little and let go of the whole Bioman thing. That’s the flow of nature. However, in a twisted kind of way, some people are born to disrupt the order, waving the sword of greed and shield of terror. Then, in a more twisted, utterly unfortunate kind of way, one of them ended up as our President.

And now she wants to be the Prime Minister.

I don’t know what’s running in GMA’s mind right now. I can imagine her sharp eyes, rolling as she delivers the loudest evil laugh. She is the picture of wickedness, crooked nose and all, less the dark, baggy eyes. All because she can sleep so soundly at night. She doesn’t have anything to worry about. She has all the money, the power, and the influence to get more money and power. She is untouchable. She doesn’t care if people spit at the sight of her, if people draw tails and devil forks in her pictures, if people imagine the worst kind of death for her. Worse, she doesn’t care if people die in hunger, if people lose homes and loved ones in calamities, if people lose lives in ruthless killing to demonstrate the kind of power she worships.

Political analysts say it was a decision she didn’t think about. I beg to disagree. It was a well-thought decision. The problem is, GMA actually has a damn self-possessed brain without a nerve of conscience. What do you expect from a mind like that? Even if you send her in the most isolated convent for a retreat, there won’t ever be any good fruit from a corrupted soul. She’ll just use the time to orchestrate other grand plans on how she’ll send our dear country to hell.

I feel strongly about this because it is relevant to me, now more than ever. In my existence, I have witnessed one president to be ousted and another I badly wanted to be ousted, but wasn’t, all because we have an incompetent Vice-president who doesn’t understand one thing about his ultimate responsibility.

Time and again, the usual cry during elections is CHANGE. On the surface, it may seem like good news, having people rally behind a good cause, of people no longer being indifferent, of people saying it’s enough. But if you break the coating, you get the ugly truth: ever since God knows when, not a single President was able to actually cater to the needs and expectations of the people. We rank leaders not based on how much they lifted our nation, but on how small the damages created were. Hence, the term lesser evil.

This coming elections will be my very first time to have a say on whoever will be most powerful in this country. The next elected president will lead us for a long six years. By that time, I’m what? 27? 28? The usual cry is for us to consider the next generation while filling up that sacred ballot. Come to think of it. Whoever wins as president is granted power to shape and paint the kind of country my children will be born into. So I’ll definitely think about it long and hard. I’ll vote for and with the reasons.
I unearthed this piece of writing somewhere in my absolutely disorganized desktop. Oh well, too much for politics and my rarely seen serious side. Back to, umm, work?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Luckiest

I've been watching clips after clips of Jason Magbanua's masterpieces; listening to songs that melt the deepest of hearts. I may not have the crystal clear vision of how I want my wedding to be, or the cut of my gown, or the kind of flowers and the motif of my entourage. But, with every inch of my heart, I am sure of the most basic element in my wedding.

He's my groom. And I'll be his ever glowing bride.

Now, that's a dream waiting to happen.

Save the date. When true love can't wait any longer.

See you in our fairytale.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Best Version

It’s been six months since.

Had it been any other year than 2009, I would have utilized those 6 months finishing two College terms, reading lots of heart-warming books, meeting with friends in coffee shops and shopping havens, going out on unlimited dates with the boyfriend and bugging my parents at home on weekends. But since 2009 is the year I entered the professional world, everything turned upside down.

Work gives an entirely new meaning to pressure, not to mention taking it on a stellar level. I have never been more pressured in my life, and I say that with all due respect to Accountancy and the board exams. In school and tests, carelessness and tardiness equal to a failing grade. But not at work ,where one mistake and one bad day can result to a 25% penalty on top of a client’s millions of income. Sometimes, the responsibility is overwhelming, and the pressure, let’s not even go to that.

But up to this very day, even if I mentioned about and wished for, no, begged for, a resignation way too many times I lost count already, I’m still here. I still wake up to mornings I would have to drag myself out of the bed, but realize the moment I step in the office and be greeted my warm clustermates that I made the right choice of putting on my work gear and do what gives me fulfillment and purpose. Although, I must be honest enough to admit that there are days I just can’t take it anymore: going home at 6am and having to go back by 10am, unending follow-ups from different managers for different clients, monthly taxes to work on and live with, the list goes on and on. But during those days I can’t carry on with my own two feet, this one person never fails to carry me thru the storm. Until I’m ready to stand up and face the world again.

Making me happy, he does so effortlessly

He gives me strength. I know it sounds like a line from a song, but it’s true and he does it effortlessly. His acts are not grand; they are small, genuine gestures of love. Like, telling me I’m beautiful, even though I had no sleep; buying me my favorite tea just to make my day a little better, walking me to ministop, while we’re embraced by early morning sunshine, listening to my endless rants and babble and doing every little that makes any girl feel the luckiest.

It's easy when the world fits in your arms.

We are not the perfect couple and we don’t live the perfect lives, like people who pretend to have the grandest life by doing what they love. We love what we do. We love who we have become. But everyday is not easy. Sometimes work stress and tremendous pressure transform us into someone we are not. We become impulsive and childish, often ending up hurting one another. We can always choose to give up and just pick an easier job; something that can make our “happy ever after" easier. Imagine having more hours for each other, less pointless fights out of sheer frustration and a higher pay check, but we are not the type to quit. Long ago, we vowed not to compromise our selfish ambitions for an “easier” scenario. We don’t want to end up being regretful adults. For other people, we are nothing more than victims of slavery and workaholic genes. But it’s not about that. We want to test our limits- while we’re young and free to commit mistakes. We want to realize our full potential because partnership is about that. It’s not merely holding hands and making out, or romantic dates and beautifully taken pictures, although all those things are good, too. It’s not just the blissful feeling of having someone to celebrate with and call your own. Over and above anything, love should be the vessel that brings you to the best version of yourself.

From confused teeners to awesome CPAs. Together.

We embrace each other’s flaws and weaknesses, and everyday, in between the holding hands, sweet kissing and laughing out loud, we struggle in search of our best selves
. All out of love.

With a love like this, you can only guess.

These are a few of my favorite TWEETS

I was badly in need of inspiration (i.e. something to get me through my nth office overnight) when i decided to re-read some tweets. It didn't exactly finish the Income Tax Accrual for me, but I definitely got re-charged and re-motivated.

And yes, I was singing a la Sister Maria while typing the blog title.

Indulge on some witty bitty words, people! =)

After closing the doors that lead you nowhere, throw away the key! Because our tendency is to look back and regret

"Kung hindi mo kayang Mahalin, Wag mong Landiin!!!!" shet!! hahahaaa!!

Whatever the situation is ryt now, don't resist. Embrace it and you will find an opening to joy.

06/01 Don't allow routine to transform you in someone you are not.

writing for me is the ultimate girl next door & graphic design is that semi-famous girl you go to school with that you wanna hang with...

14/12 : if you have a dream, don't waste your energies explaining why

... The country is not a sandbox where you can pee anywhere you want. And mutilated bodies definitely do not equal knee scrapes.

05/12 Accept joy, even though you're afraid it might end one day

Sometimes, glass glitters more than diamonds because it has more to prove--from Dennis Garcia's FB poster

Cloning Confucius: If you quit your dreams, nobody cares, but you'll always know

"Work 8 hours, sleep 8 hours; but not the same 8 hours"

there is life beyond deadlines and excel spreadsheet templates

alexderossi: rip the universe in two, one for me and one for you.

Jump and the net will appear! That's faith. If it doesn't, you may discover you had wings all along.

Going to bed. Life is not the final match of the World Cup, but the daily crosswords.

Success as a musician never brought me anything better than I already had by being a musician in the first place. By the by.

Hahanap ako ng trabaho na kahit tumama ako sa Super Lotto, HINDI AKO MAGRERESIGN.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New Buddy

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When some soulless creature snatches your phone, get over it, buy your dream phone and turn that messed up incident into an opportunity to be nothing less than happy.

That's pretty much the story behind Snowflakes.

It was one of those days, when, I don't know, I was a little off and inattentive; a little stupid, even. And without my knowledge, without even a bit of a clue, I lost my phone, not to mention all the contacts and the birthday master list that went missing with it. It made me frustrated. Thinking about lost information and the unexpected major purchase was giving me a headache. Plus the fact that I am not, at all, techie and unaware of new mobile units that grow in number by the minute. But I was left with no choice. I need a new phone ASAP.

The internet, as usual, rescued me for being not updated technology- wise. I searched a couple of sites and saw some viable options. I only need one that make calls, send messages and keep track of birthdays and meetings. Camera? Not a major consideration. Wifi? Hmmm. Wifi on my phone. Interesting. I may not be techie but I love reading blogs and news articles. So yeah, having wifi on the go is a pretty good catch.

And before I know it, I was picking from phones which are wifi-ready. Until I fell in love with this little thing called E71. Oh, and he's white.

I've been using this phone for only 2 days but I can certainly say the money is worth it. I think the business-phone suits me. Not much juvenile applications, more on Office programs and geeky features. Plus, I love the fact that I can write blog entries using it. Which is basically what I'm doing now.

Oh, Snowflakes, you're so worth it.

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