Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Starting Over

There is a heavy feeling I’ve been carrying around since yesterday. I couldn’t pin point what started it. Work got cancelled the other day so I doubt if this is due to work exhaustion. Relationships are also smooth sailing, not one disagreement with love ones. Yet, I am sad. Not in a ‘I’m sad I will project my frustration to everyone else’ kind of sad. Just sad.

Usually a few good hours of reading can uplift my spirit. I tried that trick last night. Didn’t work one bit. After a couple of flips, I returned the book in my bedside table, turned the TV on and stared at it blankly until I fell asleep.

Other than reading, writing cures me. And that explains this entry.

I browsed through my previous entries and got a bit disappointed with what I had been writing here. Travel stories, date nights, a few personal but limited thoughts. This used to be my secret outlet. (Although secret may not be a very fitting term.) This used to be what Facebook and Twitter is to everyone else, nowadays. By the way, just to give my two cents worth, I hate how people say everyone has a perfect life if you look into their Facebook or Twitter or any of these social networking sites. They throw such judgment out there as if it similar to hypocrisy. I say it isn’t hypocrisy; it is being proper. It is disrespectful to use as a status how much you hate your parents or how your boyfriend lied to your face or how insecure you are with every little imperfection. It is disrespectful to you, to the other party and to your ‘friends’ who would have it on their feeds.

But this blog is different. There is no feed. I am not shoving my words into your face. You intentionally typed my URL in that gateway to the WWW, so you have to bear with me. You have to bear with my honesty.

Form this entry onwards, I am permitting myself to be sincere, not just about my thoughts, but more importantly, about my feelings- again. I will write as if nobody’s reading. And if that actually happens, I would be ok with it. Besides, I write for the sake of having written, not for the sake of being read.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Do something that scares (THE HELL OUT OF) you

This isn't the DAY 2 of Boracay entry I promised to write about. This is just a part of that part. Although, you can call this 'The Highlight', at least based on my side of the story.

You know that friend of yours you call when you need a little push? That's NOT me. I am the friend you call when you are hesitating to make a move and just need to hear someone tell you, 'Don't do it'. I am the friend your parents ask to 'watch over you' on night-outs. You hear me reminding the designated driver over and over to not drink more than 2 bottles because it's not safe. I am not up for breaking any rules, especially traffic rules. I play it safe. USUALLY.

You cannot bring me in a bar and expect me to drink more than I can handle (sometimes, even to drink, at all) just because it is crazy fun. You cannot put me in a wooden plank 45 ft. above see water and expect me NOT to jump, either. I'm crazy like that. :)

Ariel's Point, Boracay, August 13, 2011- The day I did the scariest thing I had to do- EVER.

1. My turn to walk across that plank. Scared!
2. The tip of the plank was the scariest place I had ever set foot on!
3. I stayed there for a minute, I think, contemplating whether I wanted to jump more than I was scared to get hurt. The answer's pretty obvious.
4. Did the sign of the cross and told God I still want to be alive after this!
5. Taking a step back before...
6. Taking the plunge!
7.-8. The longest 2 seconds of my life!!!
9. Last second before hitting the water, I felt my position change. I can still remember telling myself, 'This is gonna hurt.' The fall was THAT long!

If you want to see the video, watch it here.

Pardon my video snap-shooting skills. FAIL!

See that? Thumbs up for a hell of an experience! It hurt badly, yes. Like THIS bad:

The pain went away in hours, bruises faded out in weeks, but the satisfaction of knowing I was able to DO IT, that will never go away. It makes riding the highest, longest, fastest rollercoaster in the world seem easy. There you just have to buckle up, close your eyes and everything's out of your hands. In cliff-jumping, you have to do everything ON YOUR OWN. Telling yourself with finality that I am going to jump NOW and actually making that push, it is beyond liberating! It would be a lot easier, although more dangerous, if someone will just push you into the water. But no, you can't be a baby in there. You walk up there alone, you jump off it alone. Surely nothing like I have ever done before.

I may be the classic Kill Joy. I may be someone who always reminds everybody to be safe. That is because I don't want anybody getting hurt due to recklessness or stupid decisions. Although, jumping off a 45 ft. cliff is not exactly a smart thing to do. Oh well! No more contradictions. Let me just put it this way: Be safe in your daily routine and reserve your luck for some of life's grandest adventures! The heavens can't be too generous, you know. :)

There you have it, people (3 readers can be called people, right?); the scariest thing I've done- SO FAR.

'Til the next wicked escapade!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Buy the ticket, take the ride: BORACAY

In keeping with my promise to write, than merely post pictures, in my travel tumblr...

You can never go wrong with BORACAY

Early this year, Airphil had a seat sale. The 6 of us (officemates by day, friends by heart) were all over the Metro, doing client fieldwork. After a few calls here and a dozen messages there, despite miscommunications and false alarms, we successfully booked a flight to Boracay, even after seats on sale ran out. Our last batch hurrah, as we opted to call it.

Read the entire entry here.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Delayed Gratification

I am a very practical person. Everyone I know would agree on that. I go over my options a hundred times before making a purchase. Be it as inexpensive as a dress on sale or a major investment like a gadget. Yes, even in instances when I reward myself for small victories, like this one.

I am a very practical person and today doesn't change that. I know how it looks. Someone in a cofee shop who doodles, swipes and taps all day using this sleek apple tablet spells everything but practical. But believe me, I have considered every bit of relevant information before I finally gave in into buying this awesome invention. Although, I must admit, the giddiness that holding this sweet little thing somewhat outweighs other factors.

Hello there, new toy! My promotion-slash-passing the MBA entrance exam-slash-birthday-slash-Chrsitmas gift to myself!

Today, I am XXX bucks poorer but a lot of times richer with every bit of endless possibility this little toy can offer. I think I got a pretty good deal.

Happy Ipad owner! (using Instagram)

Small victories are worth celebrating.

Go and reward yourself.

You know you desrve it. :))

September 3, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Going BLUE


And the first 4 things I did were:

1. Thanked God.

2. Called Dad.

3. Called Boyfriend.

4. Called Power Mac and made reservations for an IPAD2. hahaha!

Thank you, Lord, for the small miracles that are slowly building up my life. And thank You, twice as much, for a heart that celebrates the good things, no matter how small. You're the best!!!

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