Thursday, March 17, 2011

Substance over Form

These are probably the crappiest iPhone-taken pictures, ever. But, who cares? We learned, not too long ago, that in legal matters and everything else out there, Substance card trumps the Form card. EVERYTIME.

They make work more than bearable. I love these crazy people to pieces.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Just because only one other soul in the entire universe fully understands the significance of this day and remembering dates happens to not be his thing and I don't ever want to forget how happy we both are today and there is still that very small chance my memory might fail me, I am posting this as a reminder that prayers are truly answered and love should never, ever be underestimated.

Thank you, Big Guy up there!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A series of unfortunate events

Today seems like an eternity of one bad news after another. And I am not ranting about shallow inconveniences such as managing to spill Nai Cha all over my white top, finding out my running shoes and gym clothes went missing and dealing with someone who doesn’t possess people management skills, because ALL of those happened yesterday. Today is stitched by misfortunes of the grandest scale, all of which are happening to that one person I would gladly carry any cross for. And it sucks.

It sucks that I am here in the office and not with him. It sucks that I can’t hold his hand through the rest of this day. It sucks that I would have to put on a brave face when all I want is 5 minutes to let all the anxiety out before I lift my head up again. It sucks that I am the one more terrified, more worried, more restless and he’s just steady, calm as ever, blazing through this cursed day in his attempt to make everything better.

I am doing my best to act cool, calm and collected- offering help to lighten up the burden without being too pushy. I know this day will end on a better note. Until then, I will keep all the concerns to myself. Tomorrow I will tell him how cold my hands were while I worried about him, how I can’t even silence my own brain, how I was not able to function the entire day and basically how this firm paid me for doing nothing. Tomorrow we will laugh about all of this.

Today, I’ll just pray.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Celebrating life everyday, EVERYWHERE.

I am not a photographer so don’t expect much artistry.

I do not own a DSLR so don’t fuss about picture quality.

Although, I am in love with anything that involves hopping on a speeding means of transportation to anywhere. I love getting burnt to a crisp by the scorching summer heat. I love jumping out of a wrecked motor boat without a life vest. I love the rustic smell of small-town museums. I love hoarding pasalubongs and forgetting for whom they are. I love getting away as much as I love going back. And I love the fact that I am fortunate enough to have resources to travel and I have wonderful people in my life to travel with.

This love is a fairly young love. And HERE is where I intend to document the stories.

(Visit my tumblr acount for travel pictures. )

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