Monday, June 2, 2014

Free Spirit

We all need one crazy friend who will give a resounding yes to an out-of-the-blue invitation to an adventure you’ve both been dreaming of. Luckily, for me, I don’t just have that friend who says yes without thinking twice. I actually have the friend who, out of nowhere, offers THAT invitation, which has brought so much kilig in my life these past days!

Our #ladyadventures options revolved around La Union, Zambales, Mt. Pinatubo and Baler. One day after laying down those plans, we found ourselves booked for Bali!!! We are a beach lover/yogi/clean-eating (we’re trying!) pair, so Bali is truly the prefect destination for both of us!

Now, putting all that ‘we’re going to Bali!!!’ excitement on the side, I want to let you in on a little secret:

Going on trips a couple of times a year is not a new thing for me. It excites me, every time like it’s the first time: from packing my stuff to waiting at the airport, riding the plane, exploring and coming home. My parents sometimes say I’m too brave for my own good. But, the truth is, I am just fortunate to have been blessed with friends and a boyfriend who are the best travel partners. I would go anywhere in the world, as long as I’m with them, especially the boyfriend. He’s my security blanket. I swear, I can spend a weekend on a remote beach with the worst accommodation and still call it romantic because we’re together. Somewhat, every experience goes through a filter that automatically makes every memory a happy one. And that is a great thing! Although, sometimes, I wonder how it’s like if I’m stripped off that comfort.

I wonder how it would truly feel to wander in an unfamiliar road without a hand to hold. And I recognize, how truly fortunate I am that my favorite pair of hands to hold and cling to allows me to run wild on my own.

Since this is the part where it gets cheesy, it’s the perfect time to throw a fitting “Eat, pray, love” quote out there:

“Everyone should have a love affair in Bali.”

I KID, I KID!!!! ;)

Before this year ends, I will fly to one of my dream destinations with one of my favorite friends to argue with. We can talk all day effortlessly because we can’t agree on most issues of our society.  We spent an entire afternoon arguing on the 50% Filipino ad by Bayo. There's no chance that 4-hour flight will be boring. One week we’ll spend away from our patient, pseudo yaya boyfriends and life-saver, street smart usual gang and wander on our own. I’m seeing mornings on a bike, afternoons at the beach and lots of interesting conversations with strangers.
No holding hands, please. ;)

To you, silly boy,

Every minute of that Bali trip will surely be filled with ‘wish you were here’ sentiments. But deep in my heart, I will also feel so giddy being in a foreign place, having the time of my life knowing that, after soaking in new sights and experiences, I have a love like yours to come home to.

Bawi na ko, pre? ;) ily. <3 font="">

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