Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The One

It was the day we were set to depart from HK. In line for check-in, I was texting the boyfriend, who got back in PH an hour earlier, telling him how much I missed him already, when a friend blurted out that she, too, was missing him. Not that there was anything fishy, she was just bullying another guy friend who refused to offer help with our bags. They were all missing my natured gentleman of a boyfriend and it warmed my heart.

I’ve always known I would fall for the guy who opens doors for me, carries my bag when needed, assists me when crossing busy streets and gives up his seat when I enter the room. The typical boy-next-door slash knight-in-shining-armor; whether he exists or not was irrelevant. Imagine my surprise when I got everything I wanted- and more- because the man I fell in love with does all those things, not just for me, but for friends and family, too.

I know, it has a different ring to it when you tell people “He’s a changed man because of me.” and all that bad-boy- turned- prince drama. But my boyfriend never needed much of a conversion. He has been a good guy ever since. And I take comfort in knowing I can trust him, not just because he loves me, but because he’s that guy.

He’s the guy girls run to for man-advice during man troubles, the guy girls refer to when looking for “the one”. He is the ultimate, ultimate gentleman. Okay, it sounds like I’m building him up too much with these words. But I swear, to say the least, he is the guy you would want to replicate and distribute to friends, just so they won’t get into another “He’s just not really into you” segment ever again in their lives.

The fact that people, most especially my parents, can see what I saw in him melts my heart. It is one thing to feel blessed having him. But knowing that people I love acknowledge the same fact is beyond re-assuring.

Just this afternoon, as we were crossing Ayala Street, he, as always, moved to the dangerous side and held my hand. That scene took me back to the very instant I knew he was the one. Yes, I have re-told this story to friends a million times:

A typical afternoon. A busy street. And a boy who vowed to protect me for always.

That was the moment everything changed.

Seven years and 2 weeks ago, crossing the street had been my life’s metaphor for cutting across the safety line, fully facing up to the beautiful risks of falling absolutely in love with someone. And my life’s many chapters dissolved into thin air; only two parts remained: before this and after this.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A tick off my bucket list

Traveling out of the country with the boyfriend had been a dream for the longest time. I knew it was somewhere in our future. I just never predicted it would happen this soon.

You see, we’ve been together for almost seven years and yet we haven’t had an out of town trip together. It won’t be totally true if you count our recent Batangas weekend as that, which is also the first time we got to spend the night together- with other friends, of course. Not that we have no time for it or we’re not the type of couple, we just opted to obey my parents’ wishes. Ever since, we respectfully put up with their rules because we were sure, one day, they would give us back the same trust and respect we are giving them.

I think we finally got there. :)

Originally, I was set to travel with friends: 3 other girls and a guy. We booked our flights, reserved 2 hotel rooms and worked on an itinerary. A week before we were set to leave, something came up: my best friend couldn’t join us due to uncontrollable work issues. We were saddened; I was devastated. I never thought there was a Plan B written somewhere, all along. And that it would be perfect.

To cut the story short, boyfriend offered to take the spot. Since the plane ticket was non-transferrable and slots in our flight were sold out, he booked his with an international airline, costing twice as much as our tickets. I love him for it, but I love him more for getting my parents’ approval on something that big of a deal. Imagine, 4 days, outside the country and my dad said yes. :))

With the astonishing view of the Giant Buddha as our background

Certainly, there will be more adventures in our future – be it in a nearby beach or in another country. But this trip will always be special, not only for it being the first, but because it was a taste of how it is to be truly independent together. It felt like a sneak peek into our future…..

… and I fell in love with what I saw.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Love at First Sight

I had my Hong Kong trip with friends planned four months in advance. The week before we leave, the boyfriend decided to tag along, despite having visited HK less than a month ago. It started as a mere intention and I already loved him for considering it. But then, one afternoon, he asked me to book him a flight; the closest to our schedule I could find. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Hong Kong Airport

He arrived in Hong Kong an hour earlier, from a different plane, in a different terminal. When I landed there, I was agitated, having no idea where to meet him. Our friends, who arrived with me, went to the powder room. I decided to stay behind in case he figured out how to get to where I was from the directions I texted him. God knows how bad I am with directions. Well, turned out he did.

A tick off my bucket list

That moment I saw him at the HK airport, I was telling myself “It’s real. We’re here together” over and over. I was thrilled, anxious, moved, edgy, overjoyed, all at the same time and at stellar levels. I was never a believer of love at first sight. But it turned out to be real, after all. Because that first instant, that moment I saw him walking towards me, I fell in love. I did, with the same guy and for the millionth time.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Taking the Plunge

... just right into the 6 ft. deep pool for now. :))

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