Thursday, October 27, 2011

Batch Love

Life has a way of pulling the rug from under our feet just when we seem to have finally found balance. Good thing, heaven has its own way of showering us with amazing people to laughcry with when we hit butt first on the floor.

Toastbox: Girl Talk Headquarters

When the world seems to be crumbling down and bosses seem to have been possessed by evil spirits, it is always reassuring to know that we are only an “Aburido ON” text away from each other, that we can easily be comforted by a plate of Combi in our favorite “meeting” place, and that we are still capable of making fun of life’s most unfortunate twists just because we are in each others’ company.

3 nights in a row of sweet batch lovin' summed up in a tweet

Keeping the batch love fire burning for 2 years.. and counting.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


48 hours before my trip to faraway and I am, in every way, unprepared. I haven’t printed necessary travel documents, haven’t packed, haven’t planned what to pack and haven’t laid out my full-proof travel plan B (the “just in case” kit). I am caught up in one of my busiest weeks at work, running on 3 hours of sleep as I type this and I guess that explains my unreadiness. Excited cells are also surprisingly missing in action. I’m not as thrilled to explore a foreign city as I am longing to escape this place for a while.

48 hours to do all the all the things I haven’t had the time to face. 48 hours to shift from work mode to travel mode. 48 hours to turn the exhaustion into excitement. 48 hours until I get to spend quality time with my old, old friend. 48 hours until this:

Singapore at night via google images

I may not feel an overwhelming anticipation at this point, but it’s all under my skin. The kilig will soon flow into my system, for sure. I just know it.

WANDERLUST, all the way. :))

Friday, October 7, 2011

To the man who thought differently

I have never met you but my eyes got teary the moment I found out about your passing. I have never been a technology savvy person but I felt sad about the greater things you could have done had you had more time.

I do not know you on a personal level but I know that I celebrated one of this year's happiest moments by getting myself one of your creations. And if that doesn't show how you were able to touch so many lives in a very personal way, I do not know what will.

I have never met you but I can feel the loss right at my fingertips as I type this. By the way, you were right. This little thing is magical.

Make more toys in heaven. And thank you for never ever settling.

R.I.P., Steve Jobs.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Project Stepford Wife: Food for the (basketball) gods

First game of UAAP finals and Gilas' semi-finals match in one afternoon. Had I been married by now, there would definitely be beer and chips party in our house, gathering up our closest friends to watch the games together. Well, I'm not yet married, obviously, but those games are too fun to watch alone. Plus, I need to work on my cooking skills! So, without thinking further, I texted the boyfriend: Saturday. My place. Basketball games. I'll cook for you.

I think that last statement made the invite irresistable. ha!

In my first attempt to cook, I only did as much as re-heat lasagna and fry spring rolls. This time, however, I did every single thing on my own!

STEP 1: In search for the best ingredients (a.k.a. grocery shopping)

I can't even remember the last time I did grocery shopping for real. On most of my trips to the supermarket, I merely had to get something quick for myself. Think trip to 711 kind of thing. So when I arrived in the supermarket, armed with my list of ingredients, left-over cash and atm card, I was both excited and nervous. But after I figured out I left my atm card at home and realized I only had P250 cash in my wallet, I was just nervous. Too much challenge for a pretend-to-be misis!

Because of the budget constraint, I had to cut down my list of ingredients and be precise on the volume I need; no room for extras. I worked my way around unfamiliar aisles. Imagine my confusion when I faced a freezer full of a variety of ham and bacon! I was so confused!

After several rounds of picking and calculations, I got everything I needed and went home satisfied with everything in my grocery bag.

Step 2: Prologue to the actual cooking

The recipes I chose were pretty simple to cook: Ham and cheese logs, and pizza dip (for nachos). The pizza dip recipe was straight forward. No need for preparations. On the other hand, making the ham and cheese logs was a little tricky. I re-read the recipe once more and then I was off to start my adventure.

Hello, Kitchen. *rolls up imaginary sleeves and tightens pony tails*

Flattened bread, ham strips and little pieces of cheese goodness

When I was dipping the rolls into the egg then into the bread crumbs, I realized I made a fatal mistake. Like, deal-breaker kind of mistake! The bread crumbs I bought weren't plain/ordinary bread crumbs. Instead, I got breading for fried chicken! I panicked! The smell of the breading was too strong I knew instantly it would affect the taste of my masterpiece. I froze for a minutes, then shook off my disappointment. Hell, I'll make chicken-flavored ham and cheese rolls! Haha!

Step 3: Facing my fear... of boiling cooking oil.

The actual cooking was the part I dread the most. I never fried anything without getiing assistance from someone. But this time, since I am bringing out the big guns, you know, I fought every cell in my body urging me to call my yaya and ask for help. I did everything on my own!

The result of doing everything on my own. The burnt piece was my first attempt. haha

After all the hardwork, the fyring, the mixing..... VIOLA!!!

Ham and cheese logs cut in smaller pieces

Pizza dip

Boyfriend arrived just as I was about to put all my lovely (I am allowed to be biased here) creations on the table. The look on his face as while he watched me running around the kitchen like a masterchef contestant was priceless. I bet he couldn't believe his own eyes. haha!

I did all these! *tear*

During the half-time break, boyfriend craved for some squid balls and fish balls. I knew we had those in the freezer so I volunteered to cook again. This is another first!

Both teams we rooted for lost. We were devastated, especially by the Gilas' loss against Jordan. But at the end of the afternoon, I was a happy little masterchef. Surely, there would be more kitchen adventures for me in the next weekends. I would regularly stalk for easy-to-do recipes until I can manage doing the more difficult ones. But for now, I'll clean up the mess I made in the kitchen and wash the dishes left in the sink.

Then, the misis in me can finally rest. I'll go back to my usual undomesticated (for now) self.

*written on September 24

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