Saturday, February 23, 2013

Yoga Love: Reignite

*written on Feb. 20*

I haven’t been on the mat for a month until this morning (hides face in both palms in shame). I couldn’t say Bliss Yoga’s relocation and my new job got in the way. As a matter of fact, there’s a yoga studio 4 buildings away from my new office. I’ve been meaning to check it out, I swear. I’ve gone as far as visiting the studio and it sure is pretty: a well-lit penthouse with a zen vibe. Definitely more inviting that Bliss Yoga’s old basement location. But even after being smitten by how the place looks like, I kept on putting off attending my free class. I just didn’t feel like going.

“And since when did you ever NOT feel like doing yoga, especially when it’s FREE?”, screamed my judgmental brain.

At that point, I accepted defeat. Not in my practice, but in trying to steer clear from my home studio.

Last night, I visited Bliss Yoga’s new location in Legaspi. The moment I opened the door, the receptionists greeted me warmly. They showed me the new studio, which looks a whole lot better than the old one (but the old one will forever be special in  my heart!), more spacious and with a comfy lounge where people can wait (hello, boyfriend!). Despite the new interiors, the familiar faces instantly made me feel at home.

This morning, at 7AM, I came down my mat. I was shaking in a lot of poses; my legs were too relaxed when I practiced my headstand before savasana. But I was happy to be back. The teacher was new to me but her class felt right. The flow felt right. I remember writing months ago about “falling in love at first vinyasa”. I think that’s it. There are different types of yoga and I’ve done a few, but nothing hits the spot like vinyasa does- like vinyasa at Bliss does, to be more precise.

This is better than pancakes for breakfast.

Today, I start reigniting my practice.
Namaste. :)

First Day

*written on Feb.1*

My heart is clouded with doubts.
I look calm from the outside but my anxiety is hidden in the pockets of my over-sized blazer.

The space in the room- in MY room- makes me feel too little. Like everyone from the outside peeking in would raise their eyebrows at the sight of a girl occupying this space.

This chair deserves a lady. I’m a girl with shaky hands.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


I explicitly told my boyfriend not to give me flowers on Valentine's day. Being the new girl in the office, I didn't want to create any opportunity for them to ask personal questions just yet.

Valentine's day came and he sure did not GIVE me flowers.

He had them DELIVERED to me, instead.

I was blushing to death when our guard announced that someone sent me flowers! Hayayay! That boy!
I sure was a giddy little girl on Valentine's day. 

May we never be wise enough to realize that Valentine’s day is just a Hallmark-manipulated occasion.
The rest of the world may disagree, but I’ll gladly remain silly looking forward to every Valentine’s day with you.

Ily. :))

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Yoga Love: Savasana

Savasana is music to my ears. After 45 minutes of moving in and out of different poses, pushing limits in back bends and holding the twisted chair pose for one more long breath, there is nothing more rewarding than lying restlessly, eyes closed, letting go of everything. Actually, even without the practice, just considering the day’s stress and anxiety, 5 minutes of peace and quiet helps a lot.

However, the overthinking part of me feels frustrated whenever I catch myself “not being present in the moment” during Savasana. Instead of keeping my mind blank, I often daydream, or worse, WORRY. During last week’s gentle flow class, Jill, our teacher, gave a reminder before we rest in Savasana. She said:

Meditation requires practice. Don’t beat yourself up if thoughts still come up whenever you try to concentrate. Just don’t participate in them.

“Don’t participate”, what a wonderful technique.

The next time I find myself in Savasana, I’ll just watch the thoughts fly by.

Works on the mat, works in life.
Namaste. :)

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