Sunday, July 14, 2013


There are only two reasons why I end up abandoning this blog for a while:
1. Nothing is happening, or
2. Everything is all at the same time.

This recent MIA period is certainly due to number 2.
More specifically because of *see picture below*:

All the time in my hands had been eaten up by the BEFORE (preparation, budgeting, presentation, VISA application), DURING (work, work, work!!! and a tiny bit of playtime, too :) ) and AFTER (fighting my way through the work backlogs) phases of this project.

The friendships, work lessons, growing pains and free travel made all the hard work (and i mean HARD word) still seem insufficient to be worthy of this opportunity so soon. Thank YOU!

A book finds you when you're ready

I’ve read a handful of Palahniuks but it’s quite disappointing that I haven’t come across his masterpiece, Fight Club. Not that I consciously avoid reading it, but whenever I’m in the mood for Palahniuk’s nihilism (Trust me, you got to be in a certain mood for it), Fight Club happens to be unavailable in the shelves.

Turned out, I wasn’t fated to find this rare piece in any bookshelf.

In my recent business trip to Guam, I made a lot of new friends, gained new perspectives, endured growing pains and brought home wonderful memories. Among all those, my heart is giddy for bringing home this treasure:

I love that it’s old and torn a bit and loved by its previous owner. I love/hate the fact, too, that it’s a movie cover. I would avoid purchasing a movie cover at all cost but this just means this copy would stand out in my shelves.

The story of how I ended up owning this book outweighs any of my bookstore ritual. The friendship that came with it also opened doors to the many books in sections I rarely set foot in. Like, Science Fiction. Science Fiction?!?! I buried my nose in a 1960 novel revolving around a scientific experiment on a mouse and a retarded man. Yes, I am talking about Flowers for Algernon and yes, I had a great time.

I’ve always believed a book finds you when you’re ready. The past months my book purchases are mostly from the YA section. I guess this is the literature gods’ way of saying, “Grow up, dear child. It’s time”.

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