Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Last Valentine's day, the boyfriend sent me an expensive-looking bouquet of roses from Rustan's. It was lovely, really lovely. But I remembered telling him that I find receiving a bunch of flowers, randomly wrapped in paper and tied with a ribbon as equally romantic. I believe I was imagining our future: him, on an uneventful day, bringing me flowers he bought on the street on his way home.

And this.. this is how I know.

11 years. There are pillars in a relationship that should always be steadfast and strong: trust, patience, respect, love, etc. But those shouldn't just be manifested when the relationship is being tested. On ordinary days, the small things are what carry the relationship forward.

To you who never gets tired of making me feel loved in the smallest of ways,
11 years seem so very long to other people but I honestly don't feel like it.
Thank you for loving me so much that I never have to feel alone ever again.
Thank you, twice over, for not loving me too much that I would feel the need to be
reduced to just a half of a pair.
Our love grew from each other's independence.
That, and a million other ways, is how I know.
I love you.
You will always have me.
Happy 11th anniversary, buddy! :)

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