Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bali Diary: Dancing in the rain

I haven’t written anything about Bali yet- the trip that is the most memorable one for the past year. As I begin reminiscing the great adventure that was, I believe it is fitting that I start sharing about the person I took it with.  I never doubted that we’ll enjoy and create crazy happy memories in Bali but I want to share my favorite one:

On our first day, it rained. Real hard. We weren’t worried at first because we needed rest anyway. We’ve been awake for more than 24 hours due to the very early flight, and the sleep one gets in the plane is not at all relaxing. So we took a nap. Unfortunately, even after having woken up from it, it was still raining and in the same intensity. I cannot remember who between us first said it but we laughed about the rain realizing we’re in Bali. IN BALI! There was nothing more we should ask for. In our very bakla language: Choosy pa?? Nasa Bali na gusto pa maaraw?? You get the point.

We are so much unlike each other. (Mabait ako eh. Joke lang, Chi-chit. Labyu). She’s the one with a strong personality; I tend to be a pleaser. But we both possess a sunny disposition. She finds something to be grateful for in spite of any circumstance. And she observes everything with childlike wonder. That’s my favorite thing about her. Sometimes, when people ask me about a place, I hesitate to share my sentiments because I couldn’t quite weigh if I just have low standards that it felt THAT awesome or if it REALLY was awesome. Having her, who is as easy to please, means having someone I can share my not-so-awesome-moments-in-reality-but-I-felt-awesome-so-what stories with without judgment.

It rained a few more times during our weeklong stay. But on a Thursday morning- our scheduled surf day, the sun was shining so brightly it looked as if it was showing off. The beach was perfect, the water warm and on that day, we had the best 3-hour surf session of our lives. It was such a gift.

Yesterday, we booked a flight to Sydney. SYDNEY!!! For something cheaper than a Lacoste polo shirt, believe me. We talked about Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc. but never Sydney. But then again, we are adventurers for a reason. This will surely be another memorable and fulfilling trip. I, for one, cannot wait.

P.S. to my Chi-chit

Sabi nga ni Kumareng Taylor:

With you, I’d dance, in a storm, in my best dress,  fearless.

Hindi tayo magjowa ok pero get mo na yan. Hihi

Also, still no holding hands in Sydney, please! ;)

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