Friday, January 30, 2009

Half- meant Jokes

Can’t remember when..

Dez: Girl, dapat magka-Proudly La Sallian din tayo.
Liana: Onga noh. Ganda natin jan. (sabay tapat sa animo board) kaya lang di pa ko kasya eh. Magdidiet muna ko.
Dez and Liana: hahahaha

The Animo board, for the sake of non- Lasallian reader(s), i.e. Keng, is where all the University achievers are posted. They are sort of like standing posters scattered all over the school, devoted to one featured student/ team each. Well, I know you still have a vague or even wrong idea of how it looks, thanks to my poor description. But anyway, just terms ago, I was joking about how I would want to be featured in one.

And then a LOT of things happened. One of the many, as I had written before, was ACPACI.

Just recently, I received a call from the MCO asking me to schedule a day when Dex, Conrad and I would all be free for a pictorial- for the ANIMO BOARD pictorial. I know it might not be that much of a big deal for other students, and perhaps, it would turn out embarrassing for me depending on how I would look in that picture. But, you know, thinking of that day when I would walk my child into La Salle’s gates and tell her I WAS once there, kind of excites me. =)

Another thing, I really, really miss my Conrad- darling (wag na si Dex-Charmy). Hehe=)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Current Song Playing

"The Good Kind"

Do you want to run away together
I would say it was your best line ever
Too bad I fell for it

And I walked alone
Waiting for you to come along
Take my tortured heart by the hand
And write me off

Do you know I cry
Do you know I die
Do you know I cry
And it's not the good kind

You forced me to become strong
When I just craved being weak

And you think you know
And I would like to think so
But do you know that when you go
I fall apart


I'm tired of hiding
Behind these lying eyes
I'm tired of this smile
That even I don't recognize

Friday, January 16, 2009

Who's driving?

"If life is giving you everything you want,
you are on the wrong lane."

makes me wonder. did i make the wrong turn?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Resolution

Everyday, for the past years, I exert extra effort to make him feel loved. This year, I would do it differently.

I want to make him feel how much.

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