Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week 7

The expression T.G.I.F. was coined for a reason: we all look forward to the weekend. But sometimes, in between amazing and not-so-amazing weekends, we are blessed with a rare week-long awesomeness!

Witness my 7th week of the year. :)

What a week! :))

1. Valentine's Day. Celebrating looooove with the same amount of giddiness as when we were in gradeschool, cutting colored hearts and crushing on our seatmates. We will forever be dorks who try to outdo each other with our valentine surprises, year after year....... after year.

2. Post-balentayms with batchmates. Bugsy's dinner with my work batchmates turned close (like, close!) friends! If there's such a thing as humor soulmates, people, you've just met mine. We can laugh until our bellies ache over the silliest things. Hell, we can even laugh AT each other care of our brutal jokes. You can try joining our table and you will just die wondering, "What's so funny???", while we laugh the night away. The food? Oh, it was soooo good. But the company was even better. :)

3. School Sleepover. Grind for finals. Grind, grind, grind. Overcoming day job exhaustion and squeezing out what's left of our energy to pull an all-nighter storyboard. What do you expect from 4 overworked souls? A comprehensive storyboard by 2 am! Woot!

4. Schoolgirl duties. I almost forgot that schoolwork also comes with elusive, although priceless, PARTIES! It's Playtime was the term-ender (but scheduled during the term) party exclusive to AGSB students. I don't really enjoy the club scene but I must admit there is a different kind of fun (and entertainment. ha!) alcohol offers. A few shots after, I was well-aware I reached my quota. I had no sleep for 2 straight days, plus I don't really drink. I gracefully declined the next 'shot' offers. Unfortunately, my friend wasn't as successful in doing so. He exceeded his limit and... putting it in the "awkward moment" phrase: "That awkward moment when your friend throws up in front of someone's car. And that someone happens to be your dad. OOOPPS." That was the end of the night for me. haha!

5. QT. What better way to end that amazing week than by catching up with my buddy to cross out all the items in my "to kwento" list. Love. :)

All the previous ho-hum weeks were well-compesated by this recent one. It is so easy to get caught up with day job worries and just bury ourselves under unnecessary stress. Thank You for the reminder of what, and who, truly matters.

How to Love

*excerpt from Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer*

"When I was your age, my grandfather bought me a ruby bracelet. It was too big for me and would slide up and down my arm. It was almost a necklace. He later told me that he asked the jeweler to make it that way. Its size was supposed to be a symbol of his love. More rubies, more love. But I could not wear it comfortably. I could not wear it at all. So here is the point of everything I have been trying to say. If I were to give a bracelet to you, now, I would measure your wrist twice."

Genius. Sheer genius. *tears*

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A sad thought on Valentine's day

It’s Valentine’s day today.
And I’m frustrated.

There wasn’t as much celebration going on the entire day like how it used to be. Not too many boys carrying beautiful bouquets for their girls. None of the “kilig” atmosphere that used to dominate every inch of every place you go to.

It is sad that an occasion when people are supposed to celebrate love, in all its forms, is slowly being forgotten. People think it’s shallow to be romantic for just one day; it should be done on a daily basis. Fine, I agree to that logic. But when you buy a cake and sing yourself a happy birthday only once a year, does that mean you aren’t celebrating life during the rest of it? Or you will suggest I buy a cake and sing happy birthday every waking day?

The key here, people, is going the EXTRA mile. Be extra-sweet, extra-romantic; be extra-grateful and show it.

Kids, if you are reading this and it’s February 14, two thousand twenty-something and there are no paper hearts on restaurant windows, no guys carrying teddy bears on the street and no red swirled cupcakes in pretty boxes, I would like to apologize on behalf of my generation because, as of today, we are killing it. We are burying Valentine’s day quite deep.

It isn’t too late, people.
Love is our most ordinary miracle.
Celebrate it.

You. Thank you for never growing old and thinking valentine’s day is silly.
We’ll be dorks forever. Ily. :)

*written on Feb 14*

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

“I don’t know what I’ve gained from loving you, but the need for anyone else is what I’ve lost.”

*It's Valentine's day in a week. Take all the cheese in. *

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Masarap din pala maging Atenista

I am the girl from the other school. At least that is how I have always felt whenever I take my Buscomm class. Our professor has been with Ateneo all her life, as in all her maybe 45(?) years of studying and teaching. She drops anti-La Salle punch lines every hour, while I manage keeping a straight face through all that. I can always raise my point but they will surely bash me with, ‘Why are you in Ateneo, then?’. And I acknowledge that as a valid point. So, most of the time, I keep opinions to myself. Our professor is obviously fond of Ateneans. What’s the point of trying to change that?

Last Saturday, I felt things have changed- for the better, yes. And this is brought about by my “I’ve been with the same guy for 8 years” revelation during my 5-minute impromptu speech. I picked a personal question that gave my professor and the entire class an opportunity to get to know me. The downside, though, is that she calls me ALL THE TIME now and asks the weirdest question. Care to know how weird is weird?

She called me and asked how my boyfriend communicates with a kiss. Where did that come from??? The only thing more embarrassing is my mom asking me that same question!

Luckily, I got through it by giving a lame “passionately” answer because I was blushing to death I couldn’t think straight. I just made a comeback by saying “tenderly, because I have braces” when I got over the initial shock.

That was only the beginning of a series of personal (some too personal) questions that allowed all of us to loosen up and be ourselves. We laughed our way through the rest of the embarrassing questions. There are a few x-rated answers that I choose not share because I want to keep this wholesome!

Towards the end of the class I was (AGAIN) called by my professor:

Prof: Lian, example of a hyperbole your boyfriend told you.
Me: He got this from a book. I love you as far as the moon- and back.
Prof: So parang, ‘Mamahalin kita hanggang sa dulo nang walang hanngan.’
Me: Yes, Ma’am. Pero... BABALIK PA.
*cheers from the class*

There was something about that day that made me feel I finally belong there. It’s beyond the La Salle- Ateneo rivalry; that’s too shallow. I’m the new girl in school- that is stressful enough. Coming from the other side is just an additional stress factor.

I ended that day knowing I can be myself. That I no longer have to limit my words with what’s in my resume. I’m done being the wallflower. It’s time to shed off the coating. :)

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