Thursday, January 26, 2012

(What) Long Weekend (?)

I once told my boyfriend that if I ever have to make a thesis again, I'll do a study on why people stay in our firm. With overflowing reasons to leave, why do people, err, WE opt to stay and put up with all of it.

No samples, no approved survey question, without any statistical basis, I would bet my bottom peso that this would top the list:


We spent the entire long weekend… how else?.. working! Trying our very best to beat an impossible deadline. Spending those grueling hours seemed more than bearable, fun, even, because of these people. In between temple run breaks, endless exchanges of witty remarks and long dinner breaks, we managed to keep each other sane, while producing quality outputs, of course.

The last couple of years spent with these people feel more like an extension of College than a first job: nurturing new friendships, lack of sleep, living off an allowance (thanks to our poor man’s salary) and doing crazy things without any worries.

Adults who know better will always warn you to never, ever accept a job just because of the salary. I am sure as hell not guilty of that.

Working for money is so overrated. Try working for friends.

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