Thursday, January 26, 2012

Paperless Reading

I am the absolute impulsive buyer- when it comes to nerdy things associated with my favorite activity: READING. What an exciting life I have, right? Thumb things, silly (often never used) bookmarks, electronic dictionaries, even a bookmark dictionary, plus a rechargeable booklight- I own all those. The moment I see reading accessories in Fully Booked, I get magnetized. The few times I was able to let go of an item, I lost sleep and returned to the bookstore the very next day.

Despite this seemingly uncontrollable nerdy spending, there is one reading gadget I know I will never purchase. Okay, NEVER is such a final term. But I’m sure I wouldn’t crave having one in the near future.

Electronic Readers

There was a brief phase I seriously contemplated on getting one. But while I was surfing the net for reviews on Kindle and Nook, I found myself typing the URL of my favorite porn site: Bookshelf Porn, that is. It brought me back to my ultimate dream of having my very own library. Few clicks into the site and I was off to daydream about my future batcave. And the plan of buying a Kindle was thrown out the window, too.

Last week, though, I made a step into paperless reading, since I’m aware this is more nature-friendly and I have to de-clutter my room somehow. There is a compromise I am willing to make, in spite of my 'owning a library' dream. And it is this:

On-line magazine subscription!

Reader's Digest for my very first purchase.

I am enjoying reading using my tablet and not having to worry where to keep the physical copy after. Less of that finished and half-way done copies piled in my bookshelf and more space for new books. Hurray! I am so looking forward to my next subscriptions. A Tavel Magazine, perhaps? Or The Economist, so I'll feel like a legit professional? Hmmm.


I accept monetary donations in the form itunes cards. Thank you. :)

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