Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 in Post-its

Most people have vision boards. I have a cluttered office wall full of post-its. HAD. I accumulated more than 20 inspiring notes throughout the past year. Each one symbolizes a certain phase of 2011. I figured it would be fulfilling to look back using these colorful pieces of paper.

Here are the ones worth sharing:

I specifically remember writing this one to remind me to take my MBA entrance exam. Initially, my plan was to do it in June but other things came up, had to miss a term and finally took the exam late August.


Whenever I feel like the world is crumbling down, I read this to remind me that it isn't the end of the world. It cant'be be, when tomorrow is already happening in another side of the world.

JOB HUNTING, to be exact. Ha!

Just one of those late night realizations.

This reminds be to always thank God for all the wonderful blessings.

I love Ramon Bautista. His tweets are automatic re-tweets. I even have a page in my planner dedicated to his wise words. The one I wrote above he tweeted at the exact moment I needed to read it.


So, so TRUE.

A couple more encouraging post-its that get me through crappy work days.

A milestone in 2011. I started my Masters degree, finally. That is my school's logo with my College (i.e. DLSU's) and current ID numbers. I still get kilig when I look at those.

In honor of Steve Jobs

Makes me rethink every decision.

Words I will never forget. :)

Don't judge. A girl needs her dose of touchy-feely reminders.

This last one hits the bull's eye. Perfect words, perfect timing.

On my last work day for 2011, I decided to take all the post-its down. My office wall looks so neat now! But also plain and boring. That is, until the first post-it for this year comes along.

Post-its will be safely tucked in my 2011 planner

New year, new post-its.

New inspirations.

Happy 2012! :))

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